Kaliyoga was founded in 2002 by yoga teachers Jonji & Rosie Miles. We offer life-changing retreats for wellbeing and self-knowledge. Our sensitive staff provide a caring environment in which guests can feel deeply at ease and our team of world-class therapists provide opportunities for deeper enquiry and healing.  The cost for a week at Kaliyoga includes yoga classes, guided meditation, delicious vegetarian cuisine, comfortable accommodation and full use of the grounds and facilites. Our international clientele includes male and female solo travelers with a broad range of age and ability.


Welcome to Kaliyoga in Spain

A Kaliyoga retreat is an antidote to exhaustion and stress with much laughter and deep insights through yoga, amazing food, walking, health treatments and a mindful approach to living joyfully.

Real Yoga

Yoga is the best instrument to take you deep within yourself and you will be guided by our expert teachers with clear instructions, step by step, accessible to all levels, even if English is not your first language. The morning classes explore a soft flowing sequence that mobilises the intelligence of the body and recalibrates neural pathways. Coherent movement nourishes the whole body, inviting sensitivity through internal awareness. The evening classes are restorative 'yin' yoga, ending with guided deep relaxation such as Yoga Nidra. Meditation is often woven into morning or evening classes.

Whole food

The best vegetarian ingredients are sourced from local organic growers and then lovingly prepared by our own chefs. Kaliyoga's delicious cuisine will not only bring pleasure to your taste buds - each mouthful will make you feel happier and healthier too. Optional hands-on workshops for creating healthy food.

Healing touch

During your Kaliyoga retreat you will be given the option to try out some holistic therapy sessions. Our exceptionally gifted massage and therapy team is available most afternoons to offer you a wonderful experience in a nurturing environment that is hard to match. Read the glowing testimonials!

Feeling at home

In the main house there is a choice of two single rooms and two double rooms with twin beds; In front of the house are two wooden chalets ('casita') with twin beds. In summer there are several smartly furnished teepees - ideal for hot summer nights.


The Las Alpujarras region is a bio-diverse natural park, a really superb area for walking, hiking and horse riding. We can also arrange cultural trips to the Alhambra Palace world heritage site in Granada, and other cultural excursions in the local area.

Weekly programs

The duration of each retreat program is 6 nights. Longer stays are possible by booking consecutive weeks. Arrivals are on Sunday and fond farewells are on Saturday. We arrange low cost group transfers via Malaga airport.

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Our Programs in Spain

Date + Program Title


April 2014
 6-12        Yoga & Hill Walking

13-19       Yoga & Hill Walking
20-26        Yoga & Hill Walking
27-3 May  Yoga & Hill Walking

May 2014
  4-10  Raw Superfood Yoga Cleanse
11-17  Juice Fasting Detox + Yoga

18-24  Raw Superfood Yoga Cleanse
25-31  Juice Fasting Detox + Yoga 

More Dates >>

June 2014
  1-7  Raw Superfood Yoga Cleanse

  8-14     Dynamic Yoga  Relax
15-21     Dynamic Yoga  Relax

22-28     Dynamic Yoga  Relax
29-5 Jul  Dynamic Yoga  Relax

July 2014
  6-12 Raw Superfood Yoga Cleanse

13-19       Dynamic Yoga  Relax
20-26       Dynamic Yoga  Relax
27-2 Aug  Dynamic Yoga  Relax

August 2014
  3-9  Raw Superfood Yoga Cleanse

10-16      Dynamic Yoga  Relax
17-23      Dynamic Yoga  Relax
24-30      Dynamic Yoga  Relax
31-6 Sep  Dynamic Yoga  Relax

September 2014
  7-13       Dynamic Yoga  Relax

14-20 Raw Superfood Yoga Cleanse
21-27       Detox Yoga Juice Fasting
28- 4 Oct  Detox Yoga Juice Fasting

October 2014 
 5-11       Yoga & Hill Walking
12-18 Learn Gourmet Vegetarian
19-25      Yoga & Hill Walking
26-1 Nov  Yoga & Hill Walking 

November 2014
 2-8         Yoga & Hill Walking

 9-15       Yoga & Hill Walking
16-22      Yoga & Hill Walking
23-29      Yoga & Hill Walking
30-6 Dec  Yoga & Hill Walking 

December 2014
21  Christmas Yoga Retreat

28  New Year Yoga Retreat


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The positive after-effects of a Kaliyoga retreat last much longer than a typical holiday

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